SHINE Europe | Agenda
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Although the full Agenda is not ready yet, the general schedule is set so you can plan your travel accordingly.

The forum will begin on Thursday, September 26 in the late afternoon/early evening. Please plan to arrive around 16:00. We will provide dinner that evening and a brief introductory session to discuss the specific schedule and to get to know each other.

The main Forum takes place on Friday and Saturday. Large general sessions gather everyone to worship, pray, encourage, and discuss the future.  Smaller breakout sessions focus on specific topics to train, equip, and work in smaller groups on various projects. We will also have some breakout sessions during the day so that we can focus on specific topics and work in smaller groups.

We will also have time to enjoy the area and time to get to know each other better. We are also hoping to help the local Christian surfing club do some beach ministry so bring your swimsuits!

Saturday night is our last session, so please plan to stay until Sunday the 29th. We will provide breakfast on Sunday but no formally scheduled events.

Please plan to arrive and join us on the evening of Thursday, September 26 and depart on Sunday, September 29.