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Youth Leadership Forum

2+ days of networking, prayer, sharing & getting to know the latest of shine Europe. Plus we take some time to scout Malaga for the summerSHINE'16 Outreach.

Leaders & Key Volunteers

We invite all agape youth leaders and key volunteers from all over europe to come.

Malaga 28th-31th May 15

Thats the place to be for this spring. We meet in Malaga to get to know the place and people where we'll have our big outreach in 2016.

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Come to the YouthLeadershipForum. We’re gonna have an awesome time of learning and experience. We’ll network,plan and plot our ideas. But to benefit the most, always think about who you want to bring along. If you have key volunteers or somebody you wish to come on staff. Invite them too. But as always – talk to your national leadership first 🙂 
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The Youth Leadership Forum is a strategic place for you. I’m sure you will be encouraged and your countries ministry will benefit too.

for the creative, crazy & all others


The price for the forum is 100 Euros. You have to calculate with that amount - although we're trying to get some discounts for certain countries.


You can always contact Ed McKell or Mike Zurbruegg about the forum.